Duct Tape Skirt Sloper

Recently at one of our ASG meeting I brought in an article on how to create a basic skirt pattern from duct tape by Jean Haas. Jean has been designing sloper techniques from duct tape for quite some time. If you need a good laugh, check out her website and envision yourself swaddled in duct tape. But seriously, her techniques and simple and efficient.

Starting with a 1/2 yard or so of a cotton tube knit (I used a cheap ribbed tube knit) you slip on the knit over something form fitting. Next, taking small - 6 inch or so - pieces of duct tape, begin to cover the entire tube knit "skirt". Once the tube knit "skirt" is covered, carefully cut it off your victim at center back.

After getting your shape in duct tape, you can open darts to flatten the pattern and you've got the perfect fitting tool!