New Website Up

Well, the new website is finally up and we've added video and a blog. About time! Because that's what it all takes - time. As a freelance Line Producer in the television world, my time often gets sucked up with work. Well I've decided to focus more on Hip Line Media and see where we can go.

We have so many ideas and exciting video in the pipeline!
  • "How to" video on the fundamentals of sewing and quilting.
  • Interviews and inspiration from Indie designers.
  • Insight on the latest notions and trends.
  • Fitting tips based on the Sew/Fit Method.
  • And more about Swap O Rama Rama (which is coming back to LA in November!)

We'll take you along on our own project journey. Lately, we've found ourselves caught up in the book The New Crewel by Katherine Shaughnessy which is packed with pictures and projects related to all things crewel. We even made a Handbag from our DVD and embellished it with one of her designs. It's a Crewel world! Check out the new website, books, patterns, and more at Hip Line Media.

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