Out with the Old, in with the New Year

On the last few days of the year I am vacationing with my husband. We are snow skiing and it is so beautiful that I wonder why I can't live here all the time. I wear a helmet when I ski and this year I made helmet bags for us. They're adorable, colorful fleece and I sewed straps on so they could be easily carried or hung up in the closet. The ones the stores sell are plain and expensive. A hip young snowboarder asked me where I got it and she was so impressed when I told her I made it! It was a simple and rewarding project and I urge you to try it, if not for yourself, for a friend.

I'm looking forward to a new year. This one has been tough for lots of reasons. Yes, I make resolutions. Of course they aren't your typical ones like make the bed (I already do), run a marathon (never), or give up wine (why would I do that?!) My resolutions are always broad enough that I feel I have no problem keeping them. I always say I will be nicer to my husband - and I think I am! I always say I will be a better person and I make the effort. I always say I will help someone less fortunate than me and I manage to do it. I always say I will see my parents as much as possible and I've been fortunate to do it. But this year will be different!

First, I will sew more. I love reading about it, talking about it and thinking about it. I need to carve out the time to do more of it myself. Next, I will visit my sister in Memphis and help her get to the next level. Talent needs direction and I'm up for the challenge. Third, I will work with my local ASG and start a neighborhood group. I've thought about it for a long time but that's all. Now that we have a local LA chapter (and I love the president!) it's time to do something.
Fourth, I will continue to see my parents more :). Finally, I will go to Alaska. I've wanted to for a long time. I wonder if writing it down will make it come true....... And maybe just one more thing - a double black diamond run down the slopes!

Peace, health, happiness and love to you and yours in 2009.

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