How to make a Tulip Handbag

Spring is in the air and what better way to celebrate your creativity but learning to sew a simple, adorable Tulip shaped Handbag. The final project is perfect for a dress up night out on the town.

The pattern can be found on our website listed with the downloads for the Making Handbag DVD. Simply cut out the pieces following the pattern guidelines, fuse interfacing to both the interior and exterior pieces as well as the handles, then sew! We like to use the acro fusible interfacing. It has a good weight and is easy to sew through.

After sewing the handles, the interior and exterior sides, you are ready for assembly. Be careful to place the handles correctly - on the right side of the interior fabric facing the bottom of the bag.

Pop the interior into the exterior - right sides together - and sew the perimeter leaving and opening between one side of the handle for you to pull the handbag out, the "birthing" process. You'll know what I mean if you've seen the handbag DVD. Press well and topstitch the handbag closed. Add a closure of your liking.

Here's a short video of Susie going through the major sewing steps. This is a great project to accompany a prom dress this spring!


HangSays said...

Hi, I was wondering if you could do a tutorial, if you haven't yet on how to make a handbag using the O shaped handles & have the body of the bag pleat out. Kind of like this purse on


Lori Petitti said...

We don't have that tutorial but it's pretty simple to do. Sew a seam large enough to accomodate the handles. Fold the seam over one handle and sew. It will bunch itself giving it the pleated look. Do the same for the second handle. Good luck.