Sewing for Earth Day at the Long Beach Aquarium

In celebration of Earth Day the Long Beach Aquarium will be having a special events festival that will include sewing stations to make sea creatures out of old clothes! This is a great event to encourage recycling and reconstruction as well as let people see how fun and easy it is to sew. We do all the sewing and it's all free with your Aquarium admission ticket. So, check us out!

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JC said...

This is great! My employer (I work FT for a county gov't) has a like a bazzar where they allow us to set up tables and sell our crafts. The proceeds go to one of their non-profits. The next one is in October 09-which gives me plenty of time to use your DVD's to make some of those cute handbags, create business cards, who knows?

BTW: The video or DVD that you are showcasing--is that one of yours?(I beleive the name says "Sewing Is Back").

Take care! -JC