Halloween Costume Swap and General Clothing Swap

How much fun would Halloween be if we all made our own costumes? When I was growing up my parents made their costumes every year. They were the best you ever saw - Mickey and Minnie, the Organ Grinder and Monkey, old Roman's in Toga's.
Check them out in the picture. It doesn't have to be elaborate - just creative!

And here's a sneak peek of Helena Bonham Carter in costume who appears with Johnny Depp in the upcoming movie Alice in Wonderland. That's a home-made costume too! Thank goodness for Hollywood which continues to inspire us all!

Well, we hope to inspire you too with another Swap O Rama Rama. Coming October 10 to the Venice Center for Peace and Justice with the Arts. This will be a general clothing swap as well as a Halloween costume swap. Our silk screeners have come up with some groovy designs and we'll have stations making trick or treat bags, finger puppets, special Halloween applique's and more!
Check out the website to stay in the loop!

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