Throw in A Little Color!

So I am constantly switching furniture, changing pillows out, rearranging my world. I noticed one day as I stood at my counter how utterly BORING my eating area is. It has a small seating area with 2 chairs I love, but desperately need to be recovered. Also a piece of furniture I bought 25 years ago and painted black and my hubby accused me of going to PB and buying something new! And a skirted table. I love a skirted table, there is stash room under them for hiding whatever, and they are so easy to recover and what an impact they make. So following the great instructions on the Basic Home Decor DVD from Hip Line Media, I made a new tablecloth for about $70. I opted not to add fringe, went simple because the fabric is so dang cute. Here is the before and after. What a difference a little color can make! Crank up the air and sew!
Hmm, maybe I need to redo those pillows.....

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