The Sew/Fit Method with Ruth Oblander and Nancy Zieman

Years ago, a very talented Chicago seamstress went on a talk show and spoke about how professionals alter clothes to fit their clients. The talk show was flooded with calls from viewers wanting to know more. The seamstress, Ruth Oblander, decided to write a book about fitting for the home sewer and the Sew/Fit Manual was created. She hired a young woman who was a talented seamstress and as beautiful as a model - Nancy Zieman - to help her.

Thirty years later, the method is still widely practiced and the Manual continues to be a top seller at our website and with some top fashion and apparel schools. Nancy Zieman went on to run her own very successful business, Nancy's Notions and wrote Fitting Finesse based on the Sew/Fit Method.

The Sew/Fit Manual addresses some key points:
  1. How to take proper measurements of your body
  2. How to understand how patterns are made and how to properly measure a pattern
  3. How to use this information to buy the correct size pattern
  4. How to alter that pattern to fit your body with a pivot and slide method
With a little time and a little patience you too can make your clothes fit! This method works with any commercial pattern. Try it today with our books and DVDs at Hip Line Media!