Applique the Grad!

So graduation has come and gone, and most years I am spending May behind my embroidery machine for the many friends who need gifts made, and for my own gifts. Monogramming is hotter than ever with everything on the store shelves bearing an initial, even toilet paper!

There is no doubt that a teenager heading off to college will use a nice set of towels. However, this is another of those generational things. I hate to tell you all, but kids are not all about the matchy-matchy things. My kids would never pay attention to the hand towel, bath towel and washcloth all out at once. As a matter of fact, one of my kids prefers shower poufs over washcloths. So I made a trip to Costco and bought these HUGE bath sheets, okay, beach towels, in vibrant colors. They will serve a college kid well. All summer around the pool or lake, and in the dorm, a big wrap up after a shower. They are also cost effective, so I can afford to give them to a big group (about $12) although the labor can be intense.

My daughter goes to an all girls school, so I picked the bright blue and a couple of purple towels. I have a stash of large wooden letters that I use as a template for applique, but you can freehand your letters or search online and blow it up. I finally figured out a use for that button on my printer that allows me to enlarge or shrink my copies. When I made the applique aprons here, I shrunk the letters.

You will want to copy your pattern onto the double sided fusible, on the rough side. Trim around (but not up to the letter) and iron on the wrong side of the fabric. Then trim around the letter. And iron it to your towel, or apron or whatever. Then stitch with the applique stitch around with a contrasting color. Cute as ever!
Other ideas for this applique is writing the name in bubbles, and cutting them out and overlapping on a pillow. (I'm doing this for the new dorm room and will post). You could use a complimenting decorator fabric and make the initial for a throw pillow for the couch. Or in a great outdoor fabric and toss it on the outdoor furniture. So many ideas, so little time. But the gifts are almost done ( I really need a rainy day!), my daughters graduation was truly memorable, and I have to get back to SweetiePetitti and get some baking done! Come visit sometime!