The Fabric of Our Lives

I am very lucky to have two sisters who I enjoy spending time with. Unfortunately, they live far away. But this past weekend we all got together at the big sister's new house for a visit. The oldest, Patti, lost her house in a tornado last year so she was very excited to finally have a new home. I know she lost many personal things in the tornado, many with sentimental value. Like clothes and quilts and old patterns and even favorite jewelry. We take these things for granted until we lose them - I call it the Fabric of our Lives.

Quilting is a time honored tradition that lets you bring fabric to life. Whether you use scraps from fabrics that have a meaning or buy fabrics that you enjoy - it doesn't matter. What matters is the time and love you put into creating the quilt.

Anyone can quilt and if you haven't tried it before, get going! Our DVD, A Simple Quilt, is a beautiful five piece block called Looking Thru a Window.

On our trip to Patti's we toured the countryside and enjoyed a few Barn Quilts! Hope you enjoy them too and remember, life is short, spend the time with those you love.

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