Swap Success - Thank you all volunteers and participants

Saturday's Swap was a huge success - over 260 participants came downtown LA to the California Market Center to create new from old. The DIY spirit and the recycle craze is well entrenched in LA. Thank you everyone! Enjoy some photos. And a link to KB, our applique guru's, flickr page here.


JC said...

Over 260! That's alot of people. Did you guys have media publicity, too?! That is so good. Looks like alot of fun--like you said.

Keep up the good work!

dean dyer said...

hey so cool of you to have such an even,..Geezz, you guys need to come teach atlanta how to do create new from old, and have fun too.
I would like to contribute to your cause, I can make patterns for you for free if you want.