Chanel and That Jacket: Part 2

Like I said before, the Chanel Jacket has always caught my eye. So, I went to the Chanel "sale" at Decades Two, an upscale designer resale boutique. The two main rooms were flooded with Chanel jackets, suits, coats, purses, shoes, handbags and more. All used, all in great shape and all on "sale". Now, when an item originally costs around $4,500, the word sale here means 50% off and sometimes more. A Chanel bargain if there ever was one. Here's a pic of the main room, loaded with jackets.

I know the cardigan shaped jacket is what made Coco famous but I like a traditional collar. So, I decided to try a few on. European sizing can be tricky. The more relaxed, boxy jackets fit me in a 36. The fitted versions meant a 38. Many of the jackets were quite small - size 32 and a few 34's. I guess those starving Hollywood celebrities are the people who buy these new! I went with a friend - that always helps. She was honest and brutal. I fell in love with two.

The first was a green and black cotton/linen/wool fitted military style jacket. Fit like a glove. Pockets that buttoned at the breast and hip locations, beautiful sleeve vents and a back vent, all with 4 hand sewn buttons. The buttons were made for me - tiny open scissors with the Chanel logo. The inside is lined in green silk.

The second was a multi colored more traditional hip length style with shades of lavender, brown, grey and black. Bracelet sleeves, pockets at the breast and hip but no flaps. More relaxed fit, easy to dress up or down. Buttons are detailed with two hands shaking and the Chanel logo. Lined in grey silk. Lovely.

Merry Christmas to me!

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Susie said...

Holy Shit, you bought both didn't you????? I am dropping 50 pounds in 2010 so I can borrow from your closet...xxoo