Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to you and yours! My husband and I were lucky enough to enjoy 4 days of skiing this week at Mammoth Mountain resort in the California Sierra's. While we were there, it snowed 10 inches!

We wear helmets when we ski and it's interesting to note that almost everyone else does too. You must protect the noggin!! This year I made bags for our helmets to keep them from bumping around and also to give us a strap to hold onto them when not in use.

We got lots of great compliments and they were so easy to make. I traced the helmet, adding a few inches all around and cut the pattern out of fleece. Fleece was perfect - no fraying, soft and easy to sew. For the closure, I put in a heavy duty sport lace and a plastic toggle.

Make it Yourself and you'll be the hit of the slopes too! If you don't ski, I'm sure there's a bicyclist, snowboarder, skate boarder, motorcyclist or other active person in your life that could use a helmet bag.

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