Prepping for Tinkering Sew Camp at ReDiscover

Right now I am basking in the glow of my very own window display, a la Mary Beth.

On Monday, July 22nd it will be my turn to lead one week of tinkering sewing camp. I am very excited about  the week.

I  have been  thinking about my week since February. Of course, I didn't finish the prototype skirt until 2:00 pm today, Tuesday, 6 days before camp start. Six months, six days what's the difference? Yes, I crammed in college and graduate school and for every class I have taken since. enough about me.

My campers will start each morning drawing colorful pictures resulting from a daily design challenge. You want specifics this early? Really?

Day 1 will be about hand sewing, perhaps  a running stitch for those ubiquitous Yo-Yos. Yes, a running stitch, but I am all about sewing buttons, because one can use this skill for as long as one has steady hands, and decent eyesight and willing to admit to knowing how to sew on a button, whether its flat or shank. No, no, enough  sewing jargon, because the real fun is playing with the stash of buttons. I stocked up on awesome buttons from Rimmon Fabrics. Each camper will pick 12 because we are making button clocks. .  Did I mention these will be operational clocks. Do you know how many kids no longer understand the phrase, " half past 10", or " a quarter to 11"?  I am doing my part to keep the non-digital clock alive.

Anyway, the  difficult prep for the button clock was tearing apart the $1.99 Ikea clocks for reuse. We will reuse all of the pieces in various ways, I promise! Moving on, the challenge for me was convincing my husband, lets call him the legal naysayer, that I am competent to use a Dremel  to separate the plastic parts of the clock....he reluctantly obliged. I believe  it took so long to do one, there was no way he was going to create one clock for each enrolled camper!!! So, I am now an expert with a Dremel. The plastic is done, other supplies: embroidery hoops, check;  canvas for clock face, check; clock parts, check;   buttons, check; sewing needles, check; thread, check;  AA batteries, check;  all in a handy self-made tote, check. check out the prototype in the window.This  project is ready for camp! One  down, more to do.

Next we start cutting into very large men's shirts to reuse as summer dresses...NowI am getting the hang of what ReDiscover is all about. See the before and after in the pic??? I went hunting for this shirt one Saturday. I went to Macy's and told myself to purchase the cheapest long sleeved XXL mens shirt that  I find.   The winner was $4.99. It's great because it is huge, it is cotton, it has snaps, one teensy glitch, it is  embroidered, not iron-on patches,  but machine-embroidered  crosses on each shoulder, that were huge...uggggh. But, I bought it, because I knew I wouldn't find anything cheaper, with tax it was a little over 5 bucks. Darned am I proud of my cute summer halter dress. It just needed some Rick-rack and some appliqu├ęs and whooooosh...check it out in the window pic!

Okay, so now we need another skill that will be great to know. Sewing a zipper is a good one. kids have no fear..I want them to do zippers without flinching, because most of the adults I know turn purple at the thought of sewing in a zipper, or making a buttonhole ( enough about my generation, it is all about youth)!  Zipper  pouches are always a hit. ! Of course, I stocked up on zippers at my favorite place, Rimmon Fabrics. I grabbed an old Sears upholstery sample binder that had been donated to ReDiscover. I don't know about you, but when did Sears do custom upholstery? Actually, much to my surprise after a healthy machine washing, the fabric pieces are okay, they will make perfect  make-up bags, pencil/ pen bags, whatever the campers decide their purpose to be. Sure beats being in a Sears catalogue, right???

The last major project mixes today's technology ( electroluminescent wire ) with good old fashion electric sewing machinery. Create a garment and attach EL wire for an awesome runway finale..which is exactly where you will find me at 2:30 next Friday. I hope to see you there!!!

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